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Annual Fund

On Friday, November 4th we celebrated the legacy of Foothill Christian School at our annual fund dinner, themed “Built to Last”. Nearly 300 people were in attendance and enjoyed a memorable evening filled with student performances, a skit from Mr. G, and good food/entertainment.


This year our goal is to raise $125,000 which will allow us to install a new gym floor. We kicked off this campaign by introducing our first ever, Online Giving Day, which took place a week prior to the event, raising over $48,000! When you add the anonymous donor match of $10,000, we nearly hit the half-way point of our goal before we even held our Gala event. People who attended the Gala (along with those who sent in donations after the event) contributed another $51,000 toward the goal.

Together, our combined efforts raised a total of $109,000 (as of December 2016)!


Your tuition dollars cover 100 percent of the actual cost per student. Tuition, however, does not provide needed funding for school improvement projects that are needed to enhance our program for the kids. The Annual Fund provides much needed funding for academics, athletics, campus improvements and promoting Christian values.

  • The projects supported through the Annual Fund aren't truly optional. They are necessary to maintain the quality we expect for our children. Rather than charge higher tuition—which some schools opt to do--we choose to accomplish these goals through tax deductible donations.
  • The Annual Fund replaced the need for many small fundraisers, like candy, cookie dough, and gift wrapping paper sales. Specific projects and identified needs are easily supported by through the convenience of PayPal, ACH, Visa/MC, and American Express.
  • A growing number of families increase their giving potential through company match programs offered by many employers, such as Edison International, Wells Fargo, Northrop-Grumman, 3-M Corp., and Johnson and Johnson. These and other employers will meet a percentage of the gift and match it entirely.
  • Many families support the Annual Fund through the United Way. Foothill Christian School is an approved charity of United Way (Account No. 22570).

Won’t you please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible gift to Foothill Christian School's Annual Fund today? Your gift is an endorsement of our mission and will assist us in growing this school that seeks to glorify God.

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