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Imago Dei

Imago Dei is the Latin sentiment for the “Image of God.” The idea that mankind has been made in the image and likeness of God is rooted in Old and New Testament teachings. This position proclaims that humankind possesses certain qualities, characteristics, or endowments that mirror His nature and character. Considered the “crown of creation”, people are fundamentally different than all other creation, clearly existing for a higher purpose. At Foothill we celebrate the fact that every student has characteristics that point to an awesome creator and we take time out of the school year to acknowledge those.

Our Imago Dei ceremony takes place once every trimester and allows the teachers to celebrate each student in their class. The teacher identifies a godly characteristic they’ve noticed in that child and they celebrate that child in front of his/her friends and family.

Outlined below are the seven key qualities reflected in the Imago Dei recognition ceremony. These character-shaping virtues are commended throughout the Bible and point to the various ways our students reflect God’s image.


Dependability, follow-through, trustworthiness, loyalty.


Grit, determination, tenacity, stamina, stick-to-itiveness.


Gentleness, helpfulness, service, wisdom, quiet strength.


Standing firm for what’s right, a willingness to take calculated risks, leadership.


Mercy, forgiveness, patience, concern for other people, wholeheartedness.


Generosity, self-sacrifice, productivity, a willingness to meet the needs of others.


Chara (Khar-ah’) the Greek word for “calm delight,” expressed as positivity, creativity and grace.

These pillars of character reflect the likeness of God. As they are embraced, developed, and reflected in the lives of our students, they serve as the foundation for an exemplified life with Christ. Our Imago Dei ceremonies celebrate all the ways God is developing your child to become more like Him.

Academic achievements receive public recognition at the junior high level.

Imago Dei ceremonies recognize every student from TK through 8th.