Established 1964 | Decidedly Academic. Distinctively Christian.

The Crest

As far back as the 13th century, the use of heraldic symbols stood for honor, loyalty and achievement. The crest was an ornament to be worn proudly as an insignia of noble heritage. Over time, its rich symbolism served to identify and distinguish highly accomplished institutions of learning. So it is with deep respect for the honored heritage of Christian education at Foothill Christian School that we introduce our very own crest and the richness of its meaning.

Veritas Dei – Translation: God’s Truth. Humankind’s ultimate quest for truth is expressed in this abbreviated Latin sentiment…“All truth is God’s truth!” Truth originates in God, with God, and from God.

Knowledge and Understanding – The book signifies knowledge and the illumination denotes understanding. Proverbs extols the virtue of pursuing knowledge and understanding as one pursues riches. The authentic Christian school honors God by the rigor of its academic curriculum and quest for human knowledge. Understanding is our command of the knowledge and wisdom we possess.

Wisdom – The Bible declares wisdom as supreme and instructs man to acquire it at all cost. “By wisdom the Lord laid the earth’s foundations.” (Proverbs 3) The wise man acquires and builds his life upon the wisdom of God, here symbolized by the pillar.

Falcon, 1964 – The school was established in 1964 and the falcon is the school mascot.

Torch – A core value at FCS is to ignite a lifestyle of worship. The flaming torch represents passionate praise that is handed to each generation of students from their teachers and mentors.

Laurel Wreath –In Greco-Roman days, the laurel wreath was the victor’s crown. Jesus said, “He that endures to the end will receive the crown of life.” Fittingly the wreath encompasses the entire crest, signifying our over-arching mission for every student to know Christ and be found in Him on that last day.