Established 1964 | Decidedly Academic. Distinctively Christian.


In our elementary school program, children develop a strong foundation upon which they can build academic success now and in the future. Our staff of dedicated, loving teachers care deeply about the spiritual growth of each child and are committed to helping them identify their strengths and interests to develop their God-given potential.

Our curriculum is standards based, although our teachers strive to move above and beyond the standards in every subject. Teachers and administrators work together to insure that we have the most up-to-date textbooks (some even web based) and are utilizing the very best in academic resources.

Our strong academic program is supplemented with enrichment classes such as P.E., music, library and computers, all taught by specialists in those areas. We have an exceptional fine arts department that provides opportunities for students to participate in band, piano, choir and annual elementary theatre productions.

Bible is taught daily as a separate subject, but is also integrated into all aspects of curriculum and campus life. The children learn, through their years at Foothill, the importance of their Christian walk and the value of serving others. We want all of our students to know the Lord on a personal level so that when they leave Foothill, they will be equipped to live a discerning lifestyle that honors God.

Please refer to the Faith in Action section of this website for more information about how our students are applying their faith to bless others.

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