Established 1964 | Decidedly Academic. Distinctively Christian.

Middle School

In our middle school program, grades 6th - 8th, we offer a variety of educational experiences designed to build character and help students recognize and apply their God-given potential. Using the California framework as our curriculum foundation for core subjects, we strive to provide every opportunity for academic success. Our teachers are committed to helping students explore the marvels of science and math, the richness of literature and language, and man’s journey through history, all taught from a Christian world-view.

The academic challenge of our core curriculum is complemented with instruction in music, foreign language, physical education and technology. Our 7th and 8th grade students choose from an extensive list of electives that include classes as diverse as interior design, band, play production, dance, sign language, computer animation, video production, digital photography, logic and geography.

Bible is taught as a separate core class, but it is integrated into the teaching of all subjects. Students are taught how to navigate through the youth culture, discerning what is wise and good. They learn what it means to develop healthy relationships with peers and family, the freedom and strength that comes from worship and the joy that comes from service as they learn to put their faith into action.

Foothill Christian School is proud of each graduating class it sends out into our community. We believe they are well prepared for the challenges of high school, including the character and integrity to be our future leaders.