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Technology is a key aspect of curriculum and learning at Foothill Christian School. In a fast-paced, technology driven world our students must have the computer skills necessary to succeed in higher education and future careers. With over 100 student accessible computers in the classrooms and labs, plus large screen TV’s and projection units in every classroom, the use of interactive “Smart” board technology and key learning software programs FCS students become “world-class learners.” Our graduates have superior technology skills that support their learning at the most rigorous high schools and help them rise to the challenges required of a 21st century education!

Technology in the Classroom

Each classroom is equipped with one or more computers that are connected to the internet and to our library card catalog system. Every teacher’s computer is connected to a large screen TV to enhance Power Point presentations, United Streaming video segments and other multi-media interactive programs. Our computers are loaded with award winning software that promotes critical thinking, creative expression and content learning. We have brought the “world and the best educational resources” right into the classrooms. They’re just a click away!

Key software programs include: Google Suite, Scholastic Reading, Microsoft Office, Keynote, Apple’s iLife Suite Plus...United Streaming and Typing Pal.

Classrooms in the 2nd-5th grade and middle school enjoy the use of Interactive “Smart-boards.” This technology adds a powerful dynamic to instruction and enhances student interaction throughout the learning process. All grades have access to class sets of iPads that are used to enhance their core curricular classes. Furthermore, all grades are utilizing AR (Augmented Reality) technology to dive deeper into the various subjects and bring them to life.

Technology in the Lab

Each student in 1st-5th grades enjoys weekly 40-minute computer lessons. Teachers are always welcome to bring their classrooms to the computer lab for additional research and learning opportunities.

In the computer lab, students are learning how to use Microsoft Office (1st-4th) and Google Suite (5th). Students also learn the basics of coding in order to prepare them for the junior high electives. Lastly, students will complete a hands on unit in Trimester 3 that varies for each grade level. Some projects include robots, creating your own video game, and using circuit boards/coding to bring projects to life.

Our grade level technology proficiencies are based on national standards developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). ISTE is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leader in technology education for students and staff alike. The skills for each year assume a mastery of the skills from the previous year.

Middle School Computer Electives

The middle school computer classes build upon the learning objectives from the elementary grades and launch the student into a whole new world of application and creativity.

Students explore different types of technology and will use Google Suite, Apple products, and various other professional software platforms in the process

Jr. High computer electives include:

  • Architectural design in Minecraft
  • Coding and Robotics using Lego Mindstorms
  • 3D Printing and Drones
  • App Design using Keynote and Coding
  • Game Design
  • Apple's Everyone Can Create (photography, drawing, music)