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As of August 13, 2021

Welcome to a New School Year!
This announcement is jam packed with back-to-school details and links to important information. I encourage you to read it thoroughly and bookmark it for future reference.

Start & Dismissal Times for the First Week of School
The first week of school (T - TH) will be early dismissal days and Friday will kick off the NEW half-day dismissal which will continue throughout the school year!

COVID Protocols
Publishing specific information about campus COVID guidelines was delayed due to the late, untimely announcements by Governor Newsom and the LA County Dept. of Health. The following are the main points that must be adhered to while on our campus. We recognize that our families have very different, often opposite, viewpoints about what the school should or should not be doing. Our position is to implement the least restrictive guidelines as possible, but we also have certain legal mandates and requirements that cannot be ignored.

Health Entry Screenings – The school will not be conducting daily student health screenings. This is no longer required by the state. It is still important, but it is the parent’s responsibility to keep their children home if they show any signs of illness whatsoever! Your child’s attendance at school is your personal attestation that they are completely free of illness, have not had contact exposure and have not recently traveled. Our school community is only as safe as each family is safe…and honest. Children with allergies should have a doctor’s note on file in the school office.

Masks – Masks are not required outdoors. Masks are required indoors for all students (medical exemptions are permitted with a doctor’s note). While at their desks, students may lower their masks for short periods of time for easier breathing. However, they must wear their masks when walking about the room, in the hallways, and other indoor close contact activities.

Water Bottles – Students should bring refillable water bottles each day.

Parents, Guests and Visitors – Parents and visitors will not be permitted into the school buildings at this time. At FCS, we are highly relational, but we are doing our best to eliminate or reduce contact risks as much as possible.

Back to School Nights
We will not be having in-person Back-to-School Nights this year. We recognize the value of establishing positive home/school relations at the onset of our school year, but it’s too early to risk a high contact event. Instead, elementary teachers will be conducting the Back-to-School event via Zoom. Watch for more details, including the Zoom link, from your child’s teacher. The junior high teachers will be video recording their course overviews and classroom procedures which will be emailed to all middle school families.

Starting on the first day of school, students will be required to be in full uniform, purchased exclusively through Red Dot Uniforms.

Shoes - Comfortable, safe shoes in good condition are to be worn. All shoes (including boots or Uggs) must be a black, white or gray. Patterns and prints that include those colors are fine. No other colors are permitted.

Friday Jean Day - On Fridays, students may wear jeans or capri jeans (blue, gray or black only) with dress code shirts or school approved t-shirts. For more information about dress code please review the handbook.

Parking Lot Rules
To ensure that the parking lot is safe for our students and families, drive slow! Please watch this video to learn how best to enter and exit the parking lot.
FCS Parking Lot Rules

The Childcare department at Foothill is unique in that we serve our families from 6:30am until 6pm on all days that our school is in session as well as on designated childcare days and holidays. As an added courtesy, we offer pre-paid Childcare Plans to meet the specific needs of our families. Each morning look for a Childcare team member to greet students with a smile and help guide them to their appropriate destination. For questions regarding childcare please email the director, Darryl Wright at

Activities Calendars
To stay in the loop about the happenings at FCS be sure to sync your calendar (iCal, Google Calendar, or Office 365) to ours. Choose only the calendars that pertain to you and your student and receive live adds/edits/changes that will be important to you.


COVID Prevention Plan

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