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As of May 4, 2020

Hi Foothill Families,

I hope this email finds you and your family doing well and staying healthy. We sure do miss seeing your students on campus but I am pleased with how our students have participated online and remained engaged. Just a few days ago our 5th graders held a virtual state fair and presented their reports to their classmates and teachers. I was able to attend some of the presentations and was very impressed with the quality of work our students submitted. You can see photos of the fair HERE.

Tuition Reduction
The school was able to implement cost saving measures during the COVID-19 campus closure that will be passed along to families in the form of a tuition reduction. Although some overhead expenses were on-going and necessary to pay, such as our mortgage, computer and copier leases, insurances, gardening services and more. We were able to generate a $50,000 savings from a decrease in the use of utilities and the cancellation of non-essential contracts like custodial services, supplies, field trips, and activities.

There will be two types of tuition reductions.

Type I – Science Camp Refunds
Families in the upper grades pay $290 more in tuition, mostly due to the science camps they attend. However, our 4th, 6th and 7th grade science camps were cancelled. These families will receive a tuition reduction of $258 per pupil. It’s slightly less than the full amount due to the non-refundable deposit.

Type II – General Savings Applied to All
The cost-saving measures as listed above yielded $50,000. This amount divided by approx. 400 students equals $125 per pupil. Families may receive their reduction in the form of a credit on their school account or a refund check. Parents should email Jan Pierce ( to instruct her about their preference.

There is one other option to consider. Knowing there is an uncertain future related to our summer program, fall enrollment and other potential deficit makers, some families have offered to donate their tuition reduction back to the school. This is extremely generous, and we appreciate the thoughtfulness. If you are also in a position where you could consider applying your reduction as a donation, please inform Jan Pierce by email.

Espresso with Mr. G and L.T.!
Our third online parent meeting will be held this Wednesday at 1PM on the topic of Summer School and our Bridge Academy. The meeting will be around 20 minutes long and will include LIVE dialogue with our staff. It will be recorded for playback throughout the rest of the day. Please tune in!

Thank you for your continued kindness, support and overall encouragement during these challenging times. We look forward to opening our summer day camp on June 1st and launching our six-week summer school program called, Bridge Academy on Tuesday, June 9th.

Hope you join us on Wednesday for our Espresso Meeting!


Mr. G

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