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E-mail Sign Up

If you are a current family and have not been receiving school emails about upcoming events, important information, or campus life updates it could be because of 2 reasons.

1. Your e-mail provider is flagging our e-mails as spam. We use a 3rd party e-mail provider called, Constant Contact, and sometimes the way our e-mails appear in an inbox can look like ads because they are photo rich. So check your spam folder!

2. At some point in the past few years you felt like our e-mails were unnecessary or excessive (we're so sorry!) and you unsubscribed. However by unsubscribing you removed yourself from our contact list and are now unable to receive any e-mail from Foothill. We apologize if we annoyed you in any way, we will do our best to provide information that is relevant and important to you as a current family!

To add yourself back to our e-mail list you will have to sign-up again in the form listed here.