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Parent University

Have you ever felt like you could use extra guidance in the realm of navigating youth culture or parenting in a digital world?

Parent University is a group of seminars/classes hosted by experts in the fields of parenting and child development that address relevant issues and give you, as parents, tangible ways to help your children and strengthen your families. These classes serve as Foothill's desire to partner with families and become a parent resource for our school community. Classes will be held throughout the school year. We expect every family to attend at least one.

Topics will range from caring for the social/emotional health of children during a pandemic (by popular request), to preventing bullying & cyber bullying, to fostering spiritual growth in your home.

Upcoming Seminar

Protect Young Eyes

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Watch the RECAP of our Sunday Seminar presented by Protect Young Eyes. This seminar gave us practical tips on how to safe guard our homes when it comes to technology and internet access. Protect Young Eyes has observed what it takes to have kids learn to use technology well, establishing their PYE Core Values. This seminar breaks down these 5 foundational ideas. Do you know what’s better than any parental control? Do you know why your router is the most important digital device in your home? Do you understand the toxic trio? Do you know why TikTok is so intoxicating to young brains? Get ready for a ton of practical tips, solutions, and ideas you can implement right away.

Protect Young Eyes - Parent Seminar

Protect Young Eyes - Student Assemblies

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