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Pass the Story is an interactive group story-telling game in which one person (Mr. G) starts a story and then passes the storyline to our FCS students to keep it going. It’s the perfect way for FCS students to flex their storytelling muscles. We already know our students are incredibly creative; now is the time for your FCS student to tap into their imagination, activate fun, and join Mr. G on an epic adventure.

Here's how it works: Mr. G. narrated Chapter One. Then, our FCS kids narrated Chapter Two. Watch this weeks video below. Then, once Mr. G narrates Chapter Three, he'll pass Chapter Four back to you.

It'll be your turn to tell the next 30-60 seconds of this story. Only time will tell where this story goes. Once you've imagined the next part, record your part of the story and submit your video to FCS so we can add it to all the other student submissions.

Each week: We will collect the submitted videos, arrange them so that they tell more of the story and then we'll release that weeks chapter video so that FCS students can submit EVEN MORE videos next week. We’ll keep ‘passing the story’ along to you so that it goes on and on and on.

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