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Dress Code


Foothill Christian School recognizes there is no specific Christian way of dressing. However, as a Christian School, our dress code reflects our desire to be a positive Christian witness in the community and, at the same time, establish standards of dress and personal grooming which are not distracting to the education process. What Foothill is attempting to do is set a code that will exemplify the standards by which the school wishes to be known.

Parents have the obligation to guide the student’s selection in proper wearing apparel and hairstyles that are in line with Foothill’s standards. Students must be in dress code starting on the very first day of school.

All students must wear the FCS approved uniforms. These uniforms can only be purchased at:

Red Dot Uniform Company

10932 Valley Mall, El Monte, CA 91731

(626) 401-2923

You can also shop online at:

  • Hair - The general principle of neatness and simplicity should govern hairstyles. Hair, including weaves and extensions, should be a natural hair color. Extreme styles such as shaved portions of the head (including designs), dramatic/extreme highlights or other exaggerated styles are not permitted. Hair should not obstruct the eyes.
  • Hair Accessories – All hair accessories such as “scrunchies”, bows, clips, barrettes, and headbands must be in white, black, gray, or teal. Headbands with cat or mouse ears are not permitted.
  • Piercings and Tattoos – Face jewelry (Nose jewelry, lip, eyebrow and tongue piercings, etc.) and tattoos are not permitted. Boys may not wear earrings or nail polish.
  • Sweaters, Sweatshirts & Hoodies – All sweaters and sweatshirts, including zippered sweatshirts and hoodies must be purchased at Red Dot. (Hoodies are not considered jackets. If worn, they must be the school uniform hoodie.) Science camp sweatshirts/hoodies are NOT permitted.
  • Jackets - There is no prescribed/required style of jacket or winter coat, except that they must fit properly with no tears or rips. Jackets and coats may not be worn in the classroom. Sweatshirts and hoodies are not considered jackets. (See above.)
  • Shoes – Comfortable, safe shoes in good condition are to be worn. All shoes (including boots or Uggs) must be a black, white or gray. Patterns and prints that include those colors are fine. No other colors are permitted. Even small accent colors, colored shoe laces or colored logos other than black, gray or white are not permitted. All shoes and sandals must be closed toed with a closed back or a back strap. For the student’s safety, shoes that have laces must be laced and tied securely.
  • Socks – All socks must be a black, white or gray. Patterns and prints that include those colors are fine. No other colors are permitted. Even small accent colors or colored logos other than black, gray or white are not permitted.
  • Leggings and Undershirts – Undershirts, including long sleeves and turtlenecks, as well as girls’ leggings, must be plain white, black or gray. Leggings if worn must be with the uniform skirts or jumpers.
  • Skirts - Uniform skirts and skorts must be of modest length (no shorter than three inches above the knee). Red Dot will have skirts available with extra length – please shop wisely.

The following items of dress are unacceptable and therefore must not be worn to school: modified uniforms, bandanas, scarves, wallet chains, or anything that would cause a disruption to the learning environment. Skull and crossbones graphics or artwork may not be worn or displayed on any clothing or school item including shoes, laces, jewelry, backpacks, notebooks, etc.

Belts must be worn in the belt loops. Oversized earrings that present a safety concern or distraction are not permitted. Gothic style jewelry, spikes, studs, body piercing (other than earrings on girls) and tattoos are not permitted.


Friday Jeans Day– On Fridays, students may wear jeans or capri jeans (blue, gray or black only) with dress code shirts or school approved t-shirts. The list of approved t-shirts includes: the FCS field trip shirt, FCS “fan gear” available through Red Dot, plus approved campus clubs, sports and mission team shirts. Oversized jeans, jean shorts, and jeggings are not permitted. Pants are to be neat with no obvious tears, holes or frayed hems. The pants should be able to stay above the waist without a belt. IMPORTANT: If wearing shorts they must be school uniform shorts. Students who violate the jean day dress code will lose the privilege on those days.

Casual Dress Days Occasionally, the school will announce special days where students are given a “Casual” Dress Day. On these days the students have more options. They may wear t-shirts and regular pants or shorts. Clothing must be neat, modest (as a general rule shorts and skirts should not be any shorter than mid-thigh) without any obvious tears or holes. Athletic wear, if worn, must not be overly tight. Basketball sleeveless jerseys may only be worn with a full t-shirt underneath. Basketball shorts, workout shorts should not be worn. Inappropriate writings, symbols or markings, including band t-shirts are not acceptable. Leggings may only be worn with skirts or dresses of appropriate length (see above). Spaghetti straps, racer back, tank tops, shirts above the waistline, oversized or sagging pants are not permitted on Casual Dress Days. Dress code rules and restrictions for hair, shoes, hats and accessories still apply.


Foothill Christian School would prefer to never have to deal with dress code violations. This would give the teachers and administration more time to focus on providing an excellent education to all our students. However, we do feel that the way in which students present themselves to one another, their teachers and to the community is very important. Therefore, we will be firm in the enforcement of our dress code standards. Records are kept regarding dress code violations for each student. The procedures outlined below will be followed in handling dress code violations:

  1. First violation – Parents will be called to replace inappropriate item. Infraction is documented.
  2. Second violation – Parents will be called to replace inappropriate item. Infraction is documented. In these cases, a behavior note (or detention for upper grades) may be sent home.
  3. Third violation – Parents will be required to meet with administration to discuss the violations and possible consequences for future violations up to and including suspension or expulsion from FCS.