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Fine Arts

The arts are an integral part of life that enriches us and brings joy and beauty to our world. The arts give children a unique means of expression and prepare them for a lifetime of pleasure and appreciation.That’s why the arts are highly valued at our school.

Helping students discover and develop their artistic talents is important at Foothill. Our dream is for FCS students to be “music makers”, actors and actresses, dancers, and visual artists who take their place on high school worship teams, choirs, orchestras, and performing arts programs.

At a time when many schools are cutting music and art, Foothill continues to invest in the resources necessary to build a strong performing arts program. We are committed to providing the opportunity for students to develop their God-given talents and to express their creativity in drama, orchestra, piano, art and vocal music while establishing a life-long appreciation for the arts.

What a gift music and art education can be to a child. Nurturing that talent at an early age may very well be part of God’s plan for their lives and set them on a life path centered on the arts.

All elementary students have weekly music appreciation classes. Elementary choir is offered to 4th-5th grade students. Additionally, general music, orchestra, and art options begin at 3rd grade as required courses. Music, art, and performing arts are offered as elective classes at the middle school level. Middle school electives include: Art, Play Production, Show Choir, Dance Fitness, and "Everyone Can Create" which incorporates digital photography, digital art, iMovie and more.

Private instrumental lessons in piano and strings are available to all students TK – 8th grade.