Curriculum Goals

Curriculum Overview and Goals

Our preschool has a well-written, researched based and comprehensive curriculum. Each classroom has planned activities geared to the interest and level of that particular age group. We provide a wide variety of activities to enhance each child’s opportunity to play and learn. The atmosphere is nurturing, where a child’s self worth is strengthened and opportunities are given to promote independence and success.

(Please see the online Handbook for a more information on our educational philosophy including an in-depth list of our curriculum resources and goals.)

Age Level Concept Goals & Benchmarks

Following is a list of the learning goals taught at our preschool. These benchmarks were created to develop a common understanding about what children should know and be able to do at different stages in their lives. They help teachers and parents better understand what they can expect to see as their children develop in order to better support and enhance their children’s development and learning.

New Pre-K Curriculum Introduced Fall 2018

Read more about the curriculum change made for Pre-K HERE.