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We're excited to announce a change in the name and format of our annual Jog-a-thon. The new event will be called the "FCS Fun Run" with the theme, Backyard Box Office. It's a movie theme all about making a difference by getting into character. Our students will learn from five REAL kid difference-makers. From inventors, to world-class speakers, to business owners, to world-record holders, these five kids will inspire our students to practice the five "Character Acts" and make a difference in our community.

The program kicks off with a Pep Rally on February 7th, is followed by 9 days of pledge recruitment, and finishes with a celebration at the Fun Run on February 16th. Coordinated by one of America's leading Jog-a-thon companies, Boosterthon will set up an exciting "glow in the dark" run. Each lap will be themed with various challenges like the Chicken Dance, Thriller, Footloose and Running Man! The kids are sure to have a blast! Plus, every child can participate because this year the event will be hosted on campus during the week.

The week leading up to the event the Boosterthon team, much like camp counselors, will lead our kids in daily grade-level huddles. These huddles will focus on motivating students to make a difference and get involved. The money raised from this event will go towards important projects, such as:

  1. New Gym Floor - more is still needed to complete this project.
  2. Shade Canopies in the TK - 3rd grade playground
  3. New Classroom Furniture in 1st - 5th Grades as funds permit

As in the past, each child/family will be asked to recruit friends and family to sponsor them for every lap they complete. However this year sponsors will be able to donate online, so now even out-of-town relatives can participate. We will provide lots of resources like personalized videos that you can e-mail out that will make the process easy and enjoyable. More information about sponsor recruitment will be distributed to your student on February 7th at the kick-off rally

We're confident the kids will fall in love with the event and trust that our parents will also project greatness by embracing the new concept and helping us reach our goal!

Mr. G