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Technology in the Classroom

Every classroom from TK-8th grade is equipped with teacher laptops, document cameras, one or more computer workstations for student use, and interactive whiteboard programs and projectors that are connected through Apple TV. Teachers have access to their own iPad, Apple trackpads, as well as a mobile student iPad cart for interactive and collaborative blended learning opportunities. Many grade levels are also utilizing AR (Augmented Reality) technology to dive deeper into the various subjects and bring them to life. We have brought the "world and the best educational resources" right into the classrooms. They're just a click away!

Accelerated Reader and Khan Academy
Students also engage in the Accelerated Reader program. This technology-based program allows students to read books that are appropriate to their individual levels, take quizzes on computers or iPads, and track their own performance in reading comprehension respectively. A wide selection of books are available to our students in our school library which contains over 6,000 titles.