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eSports Team

What is eSports?

eSports officially stands for electronic sports and takes video gaming to another level with organized competitive gameplay between two teams. ESports is the fastest growing competitive series in the world and regularly sells out arenas for many to watch. Currently, there are more than 200 colleges and universities offering tens of millions of dollars in scholarships.

Each spring, our middle school eSports team competes in various games against other schools across the country. However our students are learning more than just how to play video games! Throughout the season, students develop skills such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, strategy development, coordination, and creative thinking.

Foothill prides itself in offering state of the art programs that give our students unique opportunities, all while building a Christian worldview. Students today are regularly online, often times participating in secular fields such as eSports, it is imperative that we prepare them and give them the tools to appropriately navigate the online world with the love of Christ guiding their decisions.